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Mission Statement

"Do it right the first time.  You only get one chance."

~ Vernon J. Geberth, M.S., M.P.S., 1980

The Fifth Commandment
Book of Exodus, 20 of The Holy Bible

The Oath of Practical Homicide Investigation®

Homicide investigation is a profound duty. As an officer entrusted
with such a duty, it is incumbent upon you to develop an understanding
of the dynamics and principles of professional homicide investigation.

Practical Homicide Investigation suggests that "things be done
right the first time", and "knowledge is power". Knowledge which
has been enhanced with experience, flexibility and common sense.

Practitioners must be prepared to use tactics, procedures, and forensic
techniques in their pursuit of the truth: and then follow the course of
events and the facts as they are developed to their ultimate conclusion.

Death investigation constitutes a heavy responsibility, and as
such, let no person deter you from the truth and your own
personal commitment to see that justice is done. Not only
for the deceased, but for the surviving family as well.

and remember; "We work for God."

Lt. Cmdr. (Ret.) Vernon J. Geberth
New York City Police Department
Commanding Officer, Bronx Homicide Task Force
© Vernon J. Geberth, 1988

"Remember, We work for God."®